Communications Assistance

Communications Assistance

Pay Telephones

All pay telephones are hearing aid compatible and have volume controls. Users may dial "PHL" from any TDD/TTY phone located at the Airport to be connected to the Airport Communications Center for information; this is a free call. All pay telephones and TDD/TTYs in the Airport can access the Telecommunications Relay Service by dialing “711.” This service permits persons with a hearing or speech disability to use the telephone system via a TDD/TTY or other device to call persons with or without such disabilities.

The following PDF contains a list of TDD/TTY locations



Video Phones

The Airport has 2 video phones: Across from Gate C-16 and in Terminal F near Gate F-10. These units provide Video Relay Service (VRS) and Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) free for domestic calls and for international calls to most countries; calls to other countries may be made using a calling card or credit card.


Pay Email

These units provide computer and Internet access as well as domestic and international calling. They also provide access to free Video Relay Service (VRS) and Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS).


Visual Paging

The Airport has installed 171, large, easy-to-read LCD monitors throughout the terminals that visually convey information broadcast over the public address system. Callers wishing to page someone in the Airport can call (215) 937-6937 (TDD/TTY: 215-937-6755), or 6937 from a white courtesy phone inside the Airport.