SIMONE SPICER: Plastic Galactic 
SIMONE SPICER: Plastic Galactic 
Terminal C, Ticketed passengers 

February 16, 2021 - September 19, 2021


Philadelphia-area artist Simone Spicer transforms plastic post-consumer containers into sculptural forms to address our cultural proclivity for single-use products and the resultant negative impact that has on the environment. With the overwhelming prevalence of plastics in our day-to-day lives, Spicer’s art navigates the dichotomy between the dire need to reduce plastic trash and what she describes as “the innocence of humanity,” since plastics are everywhere and a large part of “our shared experiences, needs, and desires.”  


Spicer’s work with salvaged plastics provides her an opportunity to recycle, to visually emphasize the beauty of the material, and to make visible the plethora of waste created by single-use plastics. The theme of her most recent work “is about recycling as a continual and unending re-creation, set in the context of astronomical and geologic time frames,” said Spicer. “Learning about the implications of so much plastic waste in our environment…has deepened my appreciation for the delicate balance of nature and our evolution on earth.”  


“My sense of awe for our ever-changing world, its constant processes of recycling, and our place in it, continually expands. My work has become my spiritual practice of transformation through art.”  


The installation Plastic Galactic includes approximately 2,500 salvaged single-use containers collected by the artist. 




photo of exhibition