Kellianne McCarthy: A Beautiful Day in the Solar System 
Kellianne McCarthy: A Beautiful Day in the Solar System 
Terminal C, Ticketed passengers 

Philadelphia artist Kellianne McCarthy is known for creating abstract paintings where saturated colors, bold stripes, linear elements, and repetitive patterns mingle with recognizable imagery such as flowers, rainbows, and cloud forms. McCarthy’s compositions evoke ethereal spaces that are colorful, welcoming, and playful, yet dreamily disorienting because of her contrasting use of abstraction combined with passages of realism.  

McCarthy, a registered nurse who works with COVID patients, says that this painting is “reflective of my state of mind, a product of uncertainty, my need to find somewhere else, and a future that is possible and beautiful.” Painting enables her to visually work through her breadth of feelings. Here, she has created a magical, faraway landscape amidst a vast sky filled with energy and motion—bursts of color and stripes that race through, across, and frame most edges of the painting. McCarthy has depicted hopefulness and wonderment within an elusive, highly dynamic, and unpredictable composition.  




photo of exhibition