Runway to Recovery: Customer Insights with Kate Sullivan

As travel and stay-at-home restrictions are being lifted, the public is showing signs of wanting to take trips. But what are people’s thoughts about flying? Are they ready to board a plane? If they want to fly, what do they need to know about the new airport experience? 

In the last episode of the “Runway to Recovery” video series, PHL CEO Chellie Cameron and Director of Marketing and Branding Kate Sullivan discuss the steps the airport has taken to understand what reservations travelers might have about flying and what PHL is doing to reassure passengers that their health and safety is top priority.  

Topics of discussion include: 

  • Paying attention to trends and social media chatter to understand passengers’ concerns as they resume air travel
  • Working with airline and business partners to learn what changes they have made and feedback they have received from customers
  • Using a variety of communication tools to advise travelers of what to expect when they arrive at PHL in order to prepare for their trip before arrival
  • Putting travelers at ease by informing them of options that help them have more control over their journeys, from curb to gate, including contactless airline check-in and the Grab mobile food ordering platform  

PHL launched the “Runway to Recovery” series to inform passengers, employees and partners about the challenges resulting from the COVID-19 crisis and how the airport’s team was preparing for a very different future in the air service industry. These plans continue to evolve and move forward. Look for more discussions in in the coming weeks as the recovery process continues, and we welcome more travelers to our terminals.



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