Airport-Wide Employee Recognition Program
Award Categories

Employees from across organizations and across functions within organizations, including front-line and behind the scenes, can be nominated for awards in the following categories: 

  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: This award recognizes collaboration and teamwork across organizations that results in strong service delivery and positive experiences for our passengers. 
  • Impression-makers: This award recognizes front-line customer-facing employees, including ticketing agents, parking attendants, checkpoint queue managers, wheelchair assistance, security agents, concessions staff and gate agents, information counter staff and other representatives providing direct customer service. 
  • Unsung Heroes: This award highlights employees who don’t typically get the spotlight. While they don’t directly interact with customers, their integrity, courage, and effectiveness has a major impact on the passenger experience. This includes baggage handlers, ramp workers, maintenance personnel, custodians and others working 'behind the scenes' each day. 
  • Safe & Sound: This recognizes employees who protect the integrity and safety of passengers through proactive communication, exemplary teamwork, courage and effective action, including TSA, CBP, FBI, Airport 20, Fire, Police and Security personnel. 
  • Caring Support: This award recognizes those who provide special care and services to seniors, families with young children, disabled passengers and others with special needs. From developing programs to ensure everyone has access to what they need, to providing direct assistance through the airport, these employees make sure travel is smooth, easy and enjoyable for everyone. All employees and contractors working at PHL are eligible. 
Application & Selection Process

Nominators must complete the form and share a story about the employee and something they did that exemplifies three or more Airport Community Values. To nominate a deserving employee, complete the form here.

Deadline for Round 6 submissions is December 09, 2022.

The GX Council Employee Conduct Working Group will meet to review applications and make selections on a quarterly basis. Ten employees will be recognized each quarter.  

Employees honored through the program will receive the following:  

  • A personal or team profile, featured in “People at PHL” in the newsroom. The article is promoted across PHL's social media channels 
  • A professional headshot taken by the Division of Aviation staff photographer 
  • A certificate of achievement
  • Inclusion on the “People of PHL” ad campaign in the airport terminals.
  • Recognition at the GX Stakeholder Council meeting

Please contact us at [email protected]  if you have any questions.

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