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What jobs are available at the Airport?

A variety of exciting employment opportunities at Philadelphia International Airport can now be found through the PHL Job Portal, which lists job openings with the Department of Aviation, Airport food and retail shops, airlines, car rental agencies, Transportation Security Administration and other federal agencies. For more information, visit PHL Job Portal.

How can I apply for a job at the Airport?

To apply for a job with the Department of Aviation, Airport food and retail shops, airlines, rental car agencies, Transportation Security Administration or other federal agencies, visit the PHL Job Portal.

How do I find information regarding Equal Employment Opportunities in Philadelphia?

For information regarding Equal Employment Opportunity please visit: http://www.phila.gov/personnel/EEO_AA.html

Please click this link Mayor's Statement of Policy on Equal Employment Opportunity for additional  information about Equal Employment Opportunities in Philadelphia.

PHL ID Badging & Security Procedures

These procedures are required to keep the Airport in compliance with Title 49 CFR Part 1542.209, a TSA regulation governing airport operations. Failure to comply with these procedures will result in delay or denial of ID Badging privileges. Please read carefully as ID Badges will not be processed without the required documentation.

To schedule a badging and fingerprinting appointment, visit phl.org/badges-fingerprint-schedule.

​Criminal History Record Check (CHRC)

All applicants requiring unescorted access must complete the Criminal History Records Check (CHRC) and Security Threat Assessment (STA) process as required by Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations 1542.209 and Transportation Security Administration Security Directive 1542.04.08F titled “Security Threat Assessment and Reporting Requirements Related to Individuals with Airport-Issued Identification Media” issued December 10, 2008. All applicants must provide two forms of ID at the time of fingerprinting, one of which must be a government issued photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport. Philadelphia International Airport also reserves the right to back further than  the immediate 10 years.

See the TSA List of Acceptable Documents

If the CHRC shows no disqualifying convictions, the applicant can proceed with the badging process. Your employer will be notified when the CHRC/STA process is cleared.

To set up an appointment for a badge appointment please go to phl.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php or call the Security Office at 215-937-5452

Note: The Security Department is responsible for reviewing and approving all results. In the event there are questions resulting from the background check results, the applicant may be contacted by the Security Department and asked to provide additional documentation.

Security Threat Assessment (STA)

The City of Philadelphia and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will use biographical information to conduct a security threat assessment and will forward any fingerprint information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to conduct a criminal history records check of individuals who are applying for, or who hold, an Airport Issued Identification media or who are applying to become a Trusted Agent of an airport operator. DHS will also transmit the fingerprints for enrollment into the US-VISIT’s Automated Biometrics Identification Systems (IDENT). If you provide your Social Security Number (SSN) DHS may provide your name and SSN to the Social Security Administration (SSA) to compare that information against SSA’s records to ensure the validity of your name and SSN.

TSA Adjudication/Redress procedures

​Naturalized Citizens and Resident Alien Requirements

Non U.S. citizens are required to bring an Alien Registration Card for every step in the process including all badge renewals.

Naturalized/Foreign born U.S. Citizens are required to bring a U.S. Passport, Certificate of Naturalization (USCIS Form N-550 or N-670) for every step in the process including all badge renewals.

​Disqualifying Criminal Offenses

The following is a list of the Disqualifying Criminal Offenses.


Badge Access Levels

The ID Badging/Department of Aviation Security Department will determine badge access levels.

Access is granted according to your company’s work area and needs determined by the security department. Badges of the same color do not necessarily have the same access.

An authorized signer from your company must sign requests for upgrading/downgrading access.

If your company is requesting additional access, the request must be submitted in writing to the ID Badging Manager.

Requests for escort privileges need to be put in writing to the Airport Security Coordinator (ASC).



If a badge applicant requires access into the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) areas, a U.S. Customs Form 3078 must be completed. These forms can be obtained from CBP in Terminal A-West, 3rd Floor. The telephone contact number is 215-863-4271.

CBP will determine the level of access in the CBP area, if appropriate, for each applicant. Customs seals must be reissued every 2 years along with the Airport ID badge.



Rules and Responsibilities

  1. All non-badged “Visitors” must be escorted at PHL.
  2. Escorting of a "Visitor” is allowed to take place by authorized Blue Badged Personnel for short-term, legitimate, business related reasons only.
  3. Employees who lose or forget their ID Badges are NOT considered "Visitors" and cannot be escorted.
  4. A limited number of BLUE badged employees who demonstrate a routine operational need will be granted ESCORT privileges.
  5. ONLY Blue Badge Escort Authorized personnel may escort individuals into the Secure, Sterile and Restricted areas of the Airport.
  6. Red and Yellow badges MAY NOT ESCORT in the SECURE, STERILE, or Restricted areas of the Airport.
  7. Yellow badges may escort unbadged individuals in the non-secure section of the Airport Operations Area (AOA).
  8. Authorized Escorting may begin only at Security Screening Checkpoints or Gate V01.
  9. Authorized Escort Blue Badge Holders are designated with an Airport applied “E” sticker on the face of their Badges, or with a Solid Red Line that identifies a Law Enforcement Officer.
  10. Authorized Escort Blue badge holders may only ESCORT Three (3) people at any given time. Vehicle Escorts may only ESCORT One (1) person at a time. The ESCORT must take full responsibility for the Visitor(s), and must explain Airport and Escorting Rules to the Visitor(s).
  11. Visitors under Escort must be under direct control of the authorized escort at all times. This means they must remain within 10 feet and in the direct line of sight of their escort at all times.
  12. Authorized Escorts must notify Airport Police if they lose control of their Visitor(s).
  13. Authorized Escorts are responsible to report any suspicious activity to airport police immediately.

Escort Request Form

​Violation of Escort Rules and Regulations


1st offense: minimum of $100 monetary fine, removal from the secured/ restricted area and loss of Escort Privileges until successful SIDA and Escort retraining is completed.

2nd offense: a minimum of $100 monetary fine, removal from the secured/ restricted area and loss of Escort Privileges. SIDA retraining will be required.

3rd offense: a complete loss of access privileges at PHL will result.

​Lost/Stolen Badges

If your badge is lost or stolen, you must report this immediately to 215-937-5452 in order to prevent unauthorized access and fines.

In the event your employment is terminated with your company, you are responsible for notifying the ID Badging Office and returning the ID badge to the Department of Aviation Security Department. Future badges will not be issued unless the previous ID badge is accounted for.

Replacement of a lost/stolen badge requires a Replacement Badge Request Form signed by an authorized signer of your company. 

The fee for replacing a lost or stolen badge is $100. The fee is due at the time of your badge appointment. The fee for replacing a stolen badge may be waived provided the badge holder produces an original police report. The lost badge fee structure is: 1st occurrence, $100, 2nd occurrence $150, 3rd occurrence, $200, 4th occurrence will result in permanent loss of badge privileges.

If a badge is subsequently found after a replacement badge is issued, it is to be returned to the badging office immediately. You cannot have more than one badge in your possession. Failure to maintain proper accountability for your badge can result in fines against your company and PHL by the Transportation Security Administration.

Repeated violations may result in loss of access privileges for individuals or companies. 

​Damaged Badges

Badges damaged due to normal wear and tear may be replaced. Employees must bring a completed Replacement Badge Request Form signed by an authorized signer of your company and two forms of government issued photo ID to appointments to replace a damaged badge. There is no charge to replace badges that are damaged due to normal wear and tear.


Badging Fees

If your employer does not fingerprint and, or does not pay for the ID badge, the following fees apply:

  • CHRC Fingerprinting: $32 per applicant
  • ID Badge: $33 per applicant
  • Lost/Stolen Badge Replacement: $100 per badge* (see fee structure above)
  • *The fee to replace a stolen badge may be waived provided the badge holder produces an original police report.
​ID Badge Renewals

ID badges expire on the badge holder's birthday 2 years after the badge is issued. Badges must be renewed prior to the date of birth in the expiration year; unrenewed badges will automatically deactivate on the badge holder's birthday in the expiration year. In order to receive a new badge, employees can schedule an appointment at least 45 days prior to the expiration date by using the link below


How to Renew Your PHL SIDA Badge

Replacement Badge Request Form

Replacement Badge Request Forms are also available in the ID Badging Office located in the Communications Center.

Interactive Employee Training Center

SIDA Training

All Airport ID badge applicants are required to take Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) training. This test is administered by watching a customized video on Airport security and answering questions on a touch screen computer. Successful completion of SIDA training is required in order to receive an Airport ID badge.


Airfield Driver's Training

Employees who may be operating vehicles on the airfield are required to take Airfield Driving Training. This test is also administered by watching a customized video on operating vehicles on the airfield and answering questions on a touch screen computer. Successful completion of Airfield Driver's Training is required in order to operate a vehicle on the airfield.

SIDA and Airfield Driver's Training takes place in the Interactive Employee Training Center located in the Airport Communications Center on the Departures Road between Terminals C and D.

All SIDA and Airfield Driver's Training students are required to present a valid government issued photo ID such as a driver's license or passport upon check in.


Authorized Signer Training

The Division of Aviation conducts authorized signer training. There is an interactive video to view that takes place in the training center. No appointment is necessary. New authorized signers must complete the training and existing authorized signers must complete the training every year. Failure to do so will result in loss of authorized signer privileges.


PHL Authorized Signatory Information Handbook

For the PHL Authorized Signatory Information Handbook, click here

​Hours of Operation & Contact Information

Interactive Employee Training Center (IETC) 

  • Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 6 p.m. 
  • Closed Weekends and Holidays

ID Badging Office

  • Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.- 6 p.m.  
  • Closed Weekends and Holidays

Fingerprinting and ID Badge Appointments - 215-937-5452

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