Offsite Parking

Offsite mapParking is also available offsite at several private short and long-term lots located in close proximity to PHL. Operators provide shuttles to/from the airport for patrons. Click on the links below for rates and more details.

Please note that all lots are filling quickly, and we can not guarantee open spaces at specific lots. Please reserve parking. 

  • Colonial Airport Parking, 630 S. Governor Printz Boulevard, Lester, PA 19029, located 3.7 miles from PHL 
  • WallyPark, 1 Scott Way, Philadelphia, PA 19153, located 0.5 miles from PHL 
  • The Parking Spot, 7601 Essington Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19153, located 1.2 miles from PHL 
  • Express Park South, 55 Industrial Highway, Essington, PA 19029, located 4.5 miles from PHL 
  • Smart Park, 900 E. 2nd Street, Essington, PA 19029, located 4 miles from PHL 
  • Park n Fly, 7780 Essington Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19153, located 1.3 miles from PHL
  • Jet Stream Parking, 930 2nd Street, Essington, PA, 19029, located 3.1 miles from PHL
  • Park & Jet Airport Parking, 76 Industrial Highway, Essington, PA 19029, located 4.5 miles from PHL