Terminal F, Concourse 3

May 14, 2010 - December 13, 2010

Philadelphia photographer Andrew Pinkham describes his work as illustrative photography. Known for his portraits of dogs posed amidst a bucolic landscape, Pinkham’s photographic style resembles 18th-century portraiture and landscape painting. Like the painters from this earlier period, Pinkham is interested in highlighting the noble and refined grace of his subject so he photographs them in expansive landscapes, typically locations within Philadelphia’s well-known Fairmount Park. The photo sessions usually occur in early evening to capture twilight’s specific yet timeless luminescence. As a result, each portrait has an historic aura and epic narrative. Surrounded by nature’s grandeur and saturated in glowing light, each dog appears monumental.

Pinkham spends a great deal of time finding the perfect location to best portray each dog and to ensure consistent light conditions. However, working digitally he is able to adjust an image, if necessary, in order to fulfill his artistic vision. The duality between historical and contemporary, between reality and artifice make compelling images. But ultimately, Pinkham’s portraits are lasting tributes to beloved companions.

Exhibit Dates: May 15, 2010 - December 12, 2010


Philadelphia photographer Andrew Pinkham's photo exhibit

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