Current Art Exhibitions
Current Art Exhibitions

The Airport’s Exhibitions Program is a nationally-recognized, award-winning visual arts initiative. 

In 1998, Philadelphia International Airport established an Exhibitions Program - a visual arts initiative to humanize the Airport environment, provide visibility for Philadelphia's unique cultural life, and to enrich the experience of the traveling public. 

The Exhibitions Program is responsible for organizing and presenting rotating exhibitions that are located throughout the Airport. The exhibits change throughout the year to provide a variety of educational and cultural programs. This forum for presenting visual arts attests to the Airport's commitment to supporting arts and culture. 

The Exhibitions Program provides millions of visitors from around the world access to a wide variety of art forms by artists and arts institutions from the Philadelphia area.

Take an online tour of PHL's Exhibitions Program (as seen on Visit Philly Live in August 2020).




photo of artist work
Terminals A-West - Ground Level, Open to Public
Movies Made in Philly
Between Terminals A-B
How Philly Moves Mural
Terminals B-C
King Saladeen painting
Between Terminals C and D, Ticketed Passengers
It's a Wrap art photo
Terminal A-East
Symphony for Broken Orchestra
Baggage Claim B-C, Open to the public 
photo of exhibitions
Terminal D, Ticketed passengers