Terminal C, Ticketed Passengers

April 9, 2019 - November 25, 2019 

Philadelphia artist Elyce Abrams creates abstract paintings inspired by "moments that occur in my everyday life." Her paintings are vibrant, often geometric, with layered colors and compositions. Although Abrams's paintings are small-scale, they are densely complex shifting from hard-edged patterns to fluid paint strokes. The interwoven contrasting layers overlap to suggest the passing of time between past and present.

Abrams's paintings are not static. The brush strokes, color, and patterns are dynamic creating discernable variations of motion. Many shimmer as portions of the composition appear reflective and almost sparkle. The paintings are experiential and enlivened with energy. Abrams has visually, albeit abstractly, captured a universally shared sensation where life, like her paintings, are an on-going series of moments and journeys.  

Visit elyceabrams.com.

Photo of Elyce Abrams' exhibition

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