In the world of aviation, pilots and air traffic controllers use special jargon to communicate with one another. This special jargon, called the Aviation Alphabet, uses the same 26 letters many of us learned in kindergarten. Each letter has a corresponding word used to identify aircraft, often called the tail number, and taxiways, which are just like the roads we drive on.


aviation alphabet graphic

Here is an example of how the Aviation Alphabet would be used between a pilot and the Air Traffic Control Tower:


FunAir Pilot: 
"Philly Tower, FunAir 1234 Echo Romeo ready for takeoff."

Air Traffic Control Tower:
"FunAir 1234 Echo Romeo taxi via taxiway Juliet and hold short Runway 27 Right."

FunAir Pilot: 
"Roger Philly Tower. Taxiing via Juliet and holding short of Runway 27 Right."

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