Mothers' Nursing Stations

The Airport is proud to provide a variety of places for breastfeeding mothers.



Mamava is a 4-foot by 8-foot self-contained, mobile pod, with comfortable benches, a fold-down table, an electrical outlet and a door that can be locked for privacy.

Mamava suites are located post-security and are available at no charge:

Download the Mamava app to receive notifications when you’re in the immediate vicinity of the pod, to unlock the room, and to monitor the availability status.


Built-in Lactation Suites

PHL’s first permanent built-in lactation suite is now open in the Terminal B/C Food Court. As part of the Airport’s Restroom Renovations Program, additional lactation suites are planned.

Minute Suites 

Minute Suites offers nursing mothers private rooms to breastfeed or pump milk. They are located on the secure-side walkway between Terminals A-East and B. Nursing mothers can access a Mothers’ Nursing Station private room free of charge for the first 30 minutes.

For more information contact Minute Suites at 215.937.1076, or visit

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