Precious Cargo

Airports have a very different feel this spring. Instead of bustling with travelers heading off for vacation or family holiday celebrations, terminals are empty while passengers follow important Stay at Home orders to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Given the reduced demand for passenger flights, many airlines have taken on additional cargo operations, transporting much-needed medical supplies, food and dry goods to locations around the world. In the last several weeks, PHL and Atlantic Aviation have accommodated cargo flights, including a Titan Airlines charter carrying medical supplies and pharmaceuticals to Italy.

“Right now, airports must stay open so that essential personnel, like medical professionals and emergency responders, can fly safely to where their critical expertise is needed,” said PHL CEO Chellie Cameron. “We miss our passengers and can’t wait to welcome them back to PHL, but now is not the time for leisure travel. Stay home and stay safe.”

PHL looks to continue welcoming cargo flights in coming months as the need for logistics support increases. A resumption of international passenger travel is anticipated to begin in June.

“We are proud to be able to open our gates to flights transporting people and goods across the country and around the world that will help those with COVID-19,” said Cameron. “We look forward to continuing this important role in the coming weeks.”


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