What to Know About How PHL Disinfects the Airport 

Philadelphia International Airport is host to more than 88,000 daily passengers and 21,000 employees, so enabling good hygiene is among the airport’s highest priorities. Check out a behind-the-scenes look at what PHL’s teams are doing to keep the public safe during the COVID-19 public health crisis.  


  • Envirox Critical Care: In the event of a disease outbreak, PHL’s custodial employees use a highly potent disinfectant, formulated for critical disease transfer points. The chemical, Envirox Crirtical Care, is known for its low toxicity and 24 hour residual bacterial killing abilities. Fun fact: this cleaner works in just 30 seconds! 
  • Sanitizing with the Clorox Total 360 System: The Clorox Total 360 System uses electrostatic technology to disinfect surfaces in less time and more comprehensively than traditional cleaning methods.
  • High Touch Areas: Late at night when the terminals are mostly vacant, PHL’s custodial team are wiping down high touch areas, including handrails on steps, escalators and moving sidewalks, as well as elevators, handles, buttons and restrooms. Special focus is given to the Customs and Border Protection areas where international travelers are entering the country.  
  • Motion Sensor Technology: In order to reduce the number of times a passenger should have to touch common areas, PHL has proactively installed motion sensor activated technology throughout public areas, including soap dispensers, flush valves, faucets, paper towel dispensers and doors. 
  • Protecting Our Employees: PHL’s custodial teams are equipped with a full arsenal of protective equipment designed specifically for cleaning work, including gloves, goggles, face masks and utility carts stocked full of multipurpose cleaning supplies. Infectious disease prevention begins at the front lines!  

If you have more questions about what PHL is doing to keep you safe, contact Communications@phl.org and we’ll make sure you get answers as soon as possible.  


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