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Public Outreach

Public outreach for the PHL Master Plan Update was designed to be transparent, engaging and collaborative. In our planning efforts, we have incorporated multiple ways to reach and collect input from airport stakeholders. This webpage was designed as a way to share outreach materials and presentations with the broader community, and provide opportunity for interested parties to contribute. While several outreach initiatives were scheduled in-person, much of this engagement process is online due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Online collaboration has afforded stakeholders a safe and convenient way to provide input, however we hope to provide an opportunity for in-person engagement of the public by the conclusion of the Master Plan Update process.

Recorded Presentation


Stakeholder Engagement Schedule 

The Master Plan Update process is a multi-year effort that should be substantially complete by the end of 2023. The following calendar graphic provides some insight into the stakeholders and engagement efforts that have occurred. Stakeholder engagement is a task that will continue throughout the entire planning process, with meetings planned around project milestones, which include initiation, alternatives analysis, and final concept. 


The official public comment period is not yet open. Please check back once the draft alternatives phase is complete.

*schedule is subject to change
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