Northeast Philadelphia Airport Administration Building to Undergo Major Green Renovation

PNE AdminNortheast Philadelphia Airport (PNE) is embarking on an ambitious renovation of its administration building located at 9800 Ashton Road. The project is supported by $2 million in grant funding. Bidding is scheduled to open at the end of March, with construction expected between December 2024 and 2025.

The upgrade targets a complete transformation of the 1970s-era structure, aiming for LEED Gold certification by incorporating several sustainable design features. The plan includes the introduction of a cutting-edge Geothermal Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system, ensuring the building meets high standards of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. Every facet of the building, from its architectural integrity to its complex electrical, mechanical, and security systems, will be enhanced. The new building will fully adhere to the latest ADA guidelines.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of the project, with comprehensive strategies to diminish the carbon footprint through meticulous energy management, responsible materialPNE Plan sourcing, and effective waste management practices. Efforts to enhance indoor environmental quality are also paramount, with initiatives to use low VOC materials and improve ventilation, cultivating a healthier and more sustainable environment.

A coalition of expertise from the Department of Aviation's Capital Development Group, including the Faith Group, TranSystems, Urban Engineers, and JMT, are bringing this transformation to life. Their collective knowledge, particularly in LEED evaluation, is instrumental in propelling the project towards its green objectives.

Despite the complexities of introducing geothermal technology and other hurdles such as the challenges posed by the pandemic, the project's progress remains steadfast.

The Northeast Philadelphia Airport administration building renovation is on course to not only revitalize an aging structure but also to establish a new benchmark for green infrastructure in Philadelphia, symbolizing a firm commitment to sustainability and innovation.


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