Employee Spotlight: Helen Miles-Jackson

The City of Philadelphia's Division of Aviation is fortunate to have seasoned employees with an abundance of experiences and perspectives. Throughout February, PHL will share insight from several longtime staff members, such as Human Resources Associate Helen Miles-Jackson.​​​​​​

Do you recall what was happening in your life (or local/national/world events) when you joined the Division of Aviation?

When I began employment with the City of Philadelphia in 1990, I was in the midst of moving from an apartment to a house. Also that same year, I received my Military Orders to report for full duty for Operation Desert Storm. We were a relief unit for a unit in Germany. 

Share a fond memory (or two) of your time at PHL 

There was that time [Administrative Specialist Supervisor] Patricia Camps and [Fiscal Analyst III] Angella Moore performed with two former employees as En Vogue at a Christmas party.  They were serious about being En Vogue.  I still chuckle about that.  Hmmm, I think they were booked for more events afterwards.

Do you have any advice for the next generation pursuing a career at PHL?

Save your sick time and vacation time. It feels good to be able to take off when you need to and want to.


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