Employee Spotlight: Sheila Trueheart

The City of Philadelphia's Division of Aviation is fortunate to have seasoned employees with an abundance of experiences and perspectives. Throughout February, PHL will share insight from several longtime staff members, such as Deputy Director of Administrative Operations Sheila Trueheart.

Do you recall what was happening in your life (or local/national/world events) when you joined the Division of Aviation?

I remember joining the Accounts Payable unit when we did all of our work on typewriters and had to use whiteout to correct any mistakes. Processing paperwork would take so much longer than it does today. But I remember being the fastest typist in the unit and that was such a big deal. Seems so funny now.

Share a fond memory (or two) of your time at PHL 

I have so many fond memories here at PHL, that it is hard to list just one. However, all of my fond memories at PHL involve some pretty special people. With over 25 years of service at the airport, I have had the privilege of working with some of the most hardworking, creative, kind and caring individuals. There are past and present staff that will be my forever friends and family. Over the years we’ve shared professional struggles, growth and laughter. Those memories last a life time!

Do you have any advice for the next generation pursuing a career at PHL?

My advice for the next generation is while you are being all you can be- reaching your career goals, striving for success, and gaining professional growth- always be kind to others. It's important to be a person others want to work with.


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