Bringing Nature Inside PHL

Plants inside the TerminalsPlants in the interior of Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) are not just decorative elements, but also a natural way to purify air in the passenger terminals. Therefore, caring for passengers and creating a comfortable environment includes landscaping inside the airport. How do you bring nature inside an industrial setting? 

Choosing plants for the interior requires knowledge and deep understanding of every plant’s needs. A major consideration when choosing plants for PHL is low sunlight due to the terminals’ tinted windows. Therefore, the indoor arrangements include trendy fiddle leaf figs, snake plants, dragon trees, dracaenas warneckii, peace lilies, and aglaonemas.   

The plants are tended to bi-weekly by the airport contractors. “Less is best” said Nancy Hall, horticulturist from Elliott Lewis. “It is much easier to help a dehydrated plant rather than when it is drowned.” 

Looking after plants is a work in progress. “It is always an experiment to see what works and what doesn’t,” Hall added.  

Greens and flower arrangements are frequently used as art objects. At PHL, greenery was added as a part of a green wall installation inside the Terminal B/C ticketing area.  Daffodils

When it comes to the outdoors, passengers will notice seasonal changes to the arrangements located at the drop-off/pick-up areas. Pansies in spring, tropicals in summer, mums in fall and shrubs in winter. This summer, Hall will be adding new plants to the outdoor arrangements – Birds of Paradise, spider plants, Dragon Wing Begonias, and caladiums. In addition to the arrangements, PHL is in full bloom every spring when daffodils cover the areas between the baggage claim buildings.  

Do the plants inspire you to take a little green with you?  Remember, plants are fragile and require care. If travelling with one, make sure to plan ahead. While flying inside the country with plants is allowed, bringing one from overseas might be an issue. Always make sure to check the entry requirements and declare it upon entry. Guests arriving at and departing from PHL should check out the Lily Palmer Flowers and Gifts in the B/C Connector.


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