What is your current position at PHL and how long have you worked here? 

My current position is an Equipment Operator 2. I started with the city in the custodial department at PHL in 2003. Over the years I’ve moved on and it’s now been 16 years since I’ve been with the city working at PHL. 

Why did you decide to work at PHL and what’s the most meaningful part of your job? 

Prior to joining PHL I was working with Ground Transportation for 10 years and once I was informed that the city was hiring, I decided to fill out an application. The most meaningful part of my job is learning new things that will help me succeed at what I do and hopefully help me move up further in working with the city.  

What do you enjoy most about the airport? 

I love coming to work because of the friendly atmosphere, I enjoy getting to know my co-workers. I believe in the work that I do and I enjoy learning and being trained on how to operate the big machinery.  

What are some of the key principals/personal mantra by which you live by and what inspires you? 

 The most important thing that inspires me is my family. I love to spend as much time with them as possible. I also believe in staying positive, spreading that positive energy to my co-workers and assisting them when needed. 

Do you have any ‘favorites’ (eateries, retail shops, amenities, etc.) that you would recommend to family and friends traveling through PHL? 

I really don’t get upstairs as much, but there are few places that I like such as Chickie’s and Pete’s, Chick-fil-A, and Subway. I would recommend that if they have a lay over to go to the Food Court and sit down, relax and enjoy the entertainment. 

What’s your most memorable moment at PHL? (Working with a passenger or stakeholder) 

Meeting different people and seeing the different cultures passing through PHL is always memorable. I enjoy helping passengers and stakeholders that may need assistance because it’s all about customer service when you are dealing with the public. 

What challenges has your department faced since the COVID-19 pandemic and how have you and your co-workers overcome those challenges? 

Since contracting the virus back in late March, I was lucky to only have had chills and body aches. After doing my fourteen days of quarantine I was able to return to work. Our department has been having meetings to keep us updated on any changes that may occur. My co-workers as well as myself have been doing a very good job of  social distancing. 


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