-What is your current position at PHL and how long have you worked here? 

My position is Airport Operations Officer and I have been working at PHL for a little over three years.  

-Why did you decide to work at PHL and what is the most meaningful part of your job? 

I decided to work at PHL because of the expansive learning opportunities offered here. 

The most meaningful part of my job is knowing I am a vital part of a cohesive team responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the airport.  

-What do you enjoy most about the Airport? 

I enjoy the learning opportunities that come with the job. I also enjoy working with my colleagues and interacting with the airline employees and contractors I meet.  

-What are some of the key principals/personal mantra by which you live by and what inspires you? 

My personal mantra is “invest in experiences rather than things.” In the later years of your life, it is the places you have traveled to and the experiences with friends and family that you will cherish and remember. You will not remember or obtain happiness by buying lots of stuff you do not need. All those material possessions you acquire throughout your life do not last forever. Why focus on amassing things when you cannot even take them with you after you die? 

-Do you have any ‘favorites’ (eateries, retail shops, amenities, etc.) that you would recommend to family and friends traveling through PHL? 

I would recommend Gachi Sushi & Noodles — it's a good option.  

-What is your most memorable moment at PHL? (Working with a passenger or stakeholder) 

My position does not really have me interacting with a lot of passengers and stakeholders. I do interact with a lot of contractors and different airport employees. There have been several instances that are memorable. I cannot decide on just one moment, however I have gotten to know a lot of cool and interesting people. 

-What challenges has your department faced since the COVID-19 pandemic and how have you and your co-workers overcome those challenges? 

We have challenges with staffing. Even before the pandemic, our department was short staffed. We  were approved to hire 7 people, but because of COVID-19, a freeze on hiring was put in place. My coworkers have come together and learned to work together to be able to cover shifts and complete assignments in a way we did not have to do before. Hopefully, when the pandemic is over and air travel increases, we can hire the people we need, and everything can get back to normal. Though we have been able to work under these circumstances and been able to remain within FAA requirements, it has been extremely challenging to work within the limitations placed on the department. I am proud of my coworkers for stepping up to get the job done.  


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