PHL Wagging Tails Brigade Offers Passengers a Friendly Paw

Walk through PHL’s terminals and you’ll find a variety of canines on duty—from passengers’ service and support dogs to the TSA’s K-9 team. While guests can’t pet these working dogs, they are encouraged to interact with the PHL Wagging Tails Brigade. These friendly furry dogs roam the terminals with their handlers, providing guests with a calming environment in what may be a stressful traveling journey. In partnership with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD), Allagash, Aruba, Bella, Buddy, Casey, Chi-Chi, Copper, Demi, Django, Endeavour, Enzo, Exon, Genova, Gladys, Hope, Lego, Memphis, Rex, and Tarik visit the terminals for two hours each week, sharing tricks and snuggles for stressed out travelers.  

Petting the dogs has provided passengers with the opportunity to feel more comfortable and relaxed throughout their travels. Passengers receive a trading card with a picture of their therapy dog and a message wishing them a PAWsome experience at PHL. 

For more information on how you and your dog can become members of the PHL Wagging Tails Brigade, please fill out the interest form here

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