Civil Service

All examinations assess knowledge, skills and/or abilities needed to perform the jobs at the Airport.  For most entry level titles the examinations are either written multiple choice, job simulations or oral. Occasionally, the examinations are formal reviews of education and experience. The link below connects to the City of Philadelphia Civil Service Exam page for more information and exams being offered.


A full list of exciting employment opportunities at Philadelphia International Airport is available through the:

PHL Job Portal


City Civil Service Testing Info

Info on how to apply for civil service exam:

How to Apply: Guide

Quick tips on the civil service process::

How to Apply: FAQ


Notification Tips

Employment Seekers can request email notice of upcoming civil service exams by completing the information in this link

Candidates who pass the civil service exam are able to select to receive notifications for Department of Aviation positions exclusively. Use this link to opt-in to your preferred job title and city department.

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