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On October 8, 2021, Philadelphia International Airport successfully hosted the 9th Annual PHL Business Opportunity Forum, where small and diverse businesses in the Philadelphia area gathered to understand the dynamics of doing business at PHL, hear about anticipated opportunities, and network with leadership and prime contractors. This year the forum focused on contracting opportunities, successful partnerships and increasing representation.

The event included an opening session, ten breakout sessions, and a Q&A closing session, while also offering a resource partner expo and speed-networking. Participants were able to hear from dynamic speakers from the Division of Aviation and our partners.

Thanks again for joining us. We hope to see you at next year’s forum!


Hosted in collaboration with Minority Enterprise Development (MED) week



Chellie Cameron, the CEO of PHL, kicked off the opening session of the forum speaking about the state of PHL, the uptick of travel after the COVID-19 pandemic brought travel to an all-time low, and about how passengers returning the airport since COVID-19 expect the same level of service as 2019. PHL has responded by focusing on innovation and giving PHL travelers an even better experience than before.

Stephanie Wear, Director of Air Service Development and Cargo Services, focused on the exciting long- and short-term plans for PHL cargo and the opportunities available for all businesses, predominantly minority & women-owned businesses, small businesses, and local businesses. Lauren Carroll, UPS Air Division Manager, who oversees the ramp operations for UPS at Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Dulles airports, spoke to the strategic plan they have in place and how the Philadelphia International Airport plays a part in this, while Chuck Stipancic, President and Chief Executive Officer of AFCO, spoke of AFCO’s role in business development and how AFCO plays a significant role in PHL’s cargo development program.

Opening Session Bios

Chellie Cameron, CEO of PHL

Rochelle ("Chellie") L. Cameron was appointed Chief Executive Officer in January 2016.  As CEO, Ms. Cameron serves as the City’s chief aviation representative in local, state, national and international affairs. She is responsible for the operation of the Airport System and directing the planning, development and administration of all activities of the City’s Division of Aviation, including both Philadelphia International Airport and Northeast Philadelphia Airport. She also oversees the management of airport personnel. As of June 30, 2020, there were approximately 792 Division of Aviation employees, 164 Police Department, 70 Fire Department, 19 Law Department and 24 Office of Fleet Management persons employed by the City's Division of Aviation.


Stephanie Wear, Director of Air Service Development and Cargo Services

Stephanie is responsible for air service development and cargo portfolios at the airport. She works to attract, retain, and expand air service routes as well as increase cargo volume. She works within the revenue department by maintaining effective working relationships with carriers, logistical firms, aviation organizations and other airports. She also facilitates corporate and stakeholder relationships that maximize commercial air service operations at Philadelphia, ensuring that PHL thrives as a globally competitive gateway.


Lauren Carroll, UPS Air Division Manager

Lauren oversees the ramp operations for UPS at Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Dulles airports. Under her leadership is over 1,200 union employees and 125 management personnel. Her responsibilities at UPS include, but are not limited to, overseeing all ramp activity, consisting of the ground handling of 42 aircraft daily, fueling, deice, compliance, equipment management, cargo buildup etc. She has been with UPS for 17 years, all spent at the Philadelphia airport, and has been consistently increasing her responsibilities through her tenure.


Chuck Stepancik, President and CEO of AFCO

Joining AFCO in 2003, Chuck oversees all strategic, financial and operational activities at AFCO. He is widely recognized for his ability to develop innovative and win-win solutions for landlords, tenants, investors and shareholders. Prior to joining AFCO, Chuck spent 14 years with US Airways, Inc., most recently as Vice President, Corporate Real Estate, where he was responsible for all real estate and construction activity and environmental programs in more than 150 locations world-wide.

Breakout Sessions

A&E and Construction Management Opportunities:

Learn about upcoming opportunities including construction management, construction inspection, FDR Park projects, SEPTA projects adjacent to the Airport and projects sponsored by PIDC.

The Changing Landscape of Concessions:

Look back at how merchants and the airport responded to the impacts of 2020 and how these impacts will shape the future of airport concessions. Explore what is currently open and the customer experience of today. Look forward to what opportunities are on the horizon and strategies for success from Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (ACDBE).

Construction/Fit-out in Concessions Spaces:

Renovation of the food and shop stores at PHL combines the need for general, electrical, and mechanical construction in these small spaces. At this session learn how to project which stores may be next to renovate, who to contract with, and what the requirements are for successful completion.

Construction Roundtables:

At these small-group sessions, meet construction prime contractors and get tips for success in the construction trades at PHL.

The Momentum of Cargo:

Learn what cargo operations and opportunities are all about at PHL. From design and construction to package handling and freight forwarding; PHL’s cargo operations have been built on strategic planning and are gaining momentum. Get an overview of what cargo facilities are currently at PHL, which are expanding, who some of the new players may be and how your business can realize opportunities in the massive local logistics market.

Non-A&E Professional Services Opportunities:

PHL contracts for a range of non-Architecture & Engineering (A&E)  professional services; from general consulting to IT to financial services. At this session, get a preview of upcoming opportunities, gain insight into what PHL looks for in vendors competing for these opportunities, and virtually network with peers.

Service, Supply, and Equipment Opportunities:

PHL contracts for a range of services, supplies and equipment; from security guard services to uniforms to copiers. At this session, get a preview of upcoming opportunities, gain insight into what PHL looks for in vendors competing for these opportunities, and virtually network with peers.

Sustainability at the Airport:

Get highlights on RFP requirements, design standards, and other environmental-focused projects with the Airport and information from the City's Office of Sustainability.

Taxiway to Success:

For businesses looking for their first airport contract, join this session for an overview of PHL Procurement and get information on diversity programs and business and financial resources available to support your success.

Technology Opportunities at the Airport:

Even before 2020, airports were expanding technology solutions. Learn about current and planned technology applications and opportunities to enhance operations, the guest experience, and concessions at PHL.

Closing Session Q&A

Other Resources

Our Partners

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Taking Off with Chellie Cameron
Join the Airport CEO, Chellie Cameron to find out about recent initiatives at PHL and PNE.

Anticipated Opportunities

Professional Services and Public Works contracting opportunities through 2021

Finding PHL Contract Opportunities

Help your firm find and secure contracts at PHL

DBE or MWBE Certification

Navigate the minority/women-owned/disabled business enterprise certification process

A participant list will be provided to registrants after the event at no cost. Beware of solicitations naming this event that are not from info-projects@phl.org or a Hopin.com email address.




In collaboration with Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week