PHL to Open New Airport Operations Center

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is looking forward to opening its new Airport Operations Center (AOC) in early 2023 in the current Communications Center in Terminal C.

The process, which will begin at the end of February, will bring Airport Operations Tower Coordinators (OTCs), Job Control operators, and Systems Control (security) personnel into one facility, making the AOC the nerve center of the airport.

During emergencies and events such as heavy traffic, congestion on the airport roadways, information will be dispatched from AOC personnel to senior staff and others in a timely manner. The AOC will also provide stakeholders with one location to call with questions or concerns.

State-of-the-art technology in the AOC, including a video wall, will display the relevant information every department needs in order to help alleviate miscommunication or delay relevant information during an emergency event. 

“The AOC is a concept many other airports have employed to a great success," said Chris Dougherty, PHL Deputy Director of Operations and Security. “We hope PHL will not only emulate this, but also surpass them all.”


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