PHL Celebrates Everything Cheesesteaks

March 24 is officially National Cheesesteak Day, but this quintessential Philadelphia food needs to be celebrated more than just 24 hours once a year. At Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) — where you can order a cheesesteak in every terminal — PHL Food & Shops has made recognizing anything and everything cheesesteak a week-long event.

Cheesesteak Week Tour“We are excited to celebrate our second annual Cheesesteak Week at PHL. From March 20-24, restaurants that sell cheesesteaks or cheesesteak items will be featured in PHL Food & Shops’ ‘Cheesesteak Tour’,” said Dana Pyle, MarketPlace PHL marketing and guest experience manager. “Merchants will display signage designating them as ‘tour stops’. The signage has a QR code that links to a special web page detailing special Cheesesteak Week offers and a contest with a grand prize of Pepsi Zero Sugar and cheesesteaks for a year.”

Stops on the Cheesesteak Tour are:

  • Chickie’s & Pete’s, Terminals A-West, C, D/E Connector and E
  • Jack Duggan’s, Terminal A-East
  • Passyunk Steaks, Terminal B
  • Cibo Bistro, Terminal B
  • Love Grill, Terminal B
  • Independence Prime, Terminal B
  • Geno’s, B/C Food Court
  • Jim’s, Terminal C
  • Bar Symon, Terminal D
  • Tony Luke’s, Terminal F
  • Win Kitchen, Terminal F
  • Local Tavern, Terminal F

Throughout the week, guests can enjoy 20% off classic and chicken cheesesteaks at Jim’s and Tony Luke’s. Anyone needing to grab a cheesesteak to go can order at or on the Grab app and receive $3 off with the code CHZSTK23.

The week culminates with a cheesesteak tasting and celebration hosted by Lauren Rei of Wooder Ice on March 24 from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at the B/C Connector stage. Guests can try Chickie’s and Pete’s ultimate crabby cheesesteak, Passyunk Steaks’ classic and chicken cheesesteaks, Geno’s classic cheesesteaks and Jack Duggan’s chicken cheesesteaks; sample Pepsi Zero Sugar; win Pepsi swag; enjoy live music from a DJ; and test their knowledge of cheesesteak trivia.

For more information about Cheesesteak Week activities and offers, visit


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