Beam Signing Ceremony for Pavement and Grounds Crew Facility

Atif beamOn December 1, Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) celebrated a milestone in the construction of its Pavement and Grounds (P&G) Crew Facility: the placement of the last steel girt. CEO Atif Saeed joined airport staff from P&G, Facilities and Maintenance and Capital Development Group, and the project construction team for a ceremony to to sign the girt before it was put into place. 

After a protracted planning phase, the P&G facility was one of the first to be bid via the City’s Best Value process.

This project was decades in the making. Once construction began in 2021, the project team, led by Colleen Parker, has worked diligently to keep construction moving. Colleen Parker shared that “Construction manager Jeff Campbell has been an invaluable asset and is always looking ahead, planning for next steps, and resolving field issues”.

When complete, this facility will include:Blueprint

  • Large and small conference rooms that will also function as the men’s and women’s dormitories during weather emergencies
  • The large conference room is also large enough to serve as a PHL event space
  • Multiple office spaces
  • Men’s and Women’s toilet, shower, and equipment locker rooms
  • Break room and kitchen areas

P&G Beam“A beam signing ceremony is a long-standing tradition of construction workers and it was important for this team to come together to celebrate an important milestone after such a long time” noted Api Appulingam, Deputy Director of Aviation, Capital Development.  “Some people simply signed their names, while others left messages.” 


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