PPE Available for Sale at PHL Shops

Boarding pass? Check.

ID? Check.

Face covering and PPE?  

The COVID-19 world has created a new travel checklist to remember. All PHL guests must wear face coverings in the Airport’s terminals and while onboard the airlines that serve PHL. What happens if, in the hectic pace of getting to the Airport, you realize you’ve forgotten your face covering or want an extra layer of protection for your trip?  

Hudson News locations in Terminals D, E and F are stocked with a range of protective essentials for travelers, including: 

  • Wet wipes- $2.99
  • Hand sanitizer- $3.49
  • Disposable face masks- $4.99
  • Hand cleansing gel- $9.99
  • Disposable seat covers- $11.99
  • Life is Good bandanas- $14.00 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has made us all extra mindful of our health and that of the people we come across in our activities,” said PHL CEO Chellie Cameron. “Using hand sanitizer and wearing face coverings are part of our everyday lives. I am pleased to see that PHL’s Hudson News locations have recognized passengers’ needs as they navigate the new safety guidelines put in place by airports and airlines and are stocking items that are necessary as we work together to stay safe and healthy.”  


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