Employee Spotlight: Patricia Camps

The City of Philadelphia's Division of Aviation is fortunate to have seasoned employees with an abundance of experiences and perspectives. Throughout February, PHL will share insight from several longtime staff members, such as Administrative Specialist Supervisor Patricia Camps.​​​​​​

Do you recall what was happening in your life (or local/national/world events) when you joined the Division of Aviation?

I can’t think of anything globally that happened when I joined PHL, but one great thing I recall personally is that I was expecting my third child hoping and wishing that it was a boy but to my surprise it was my third daughter (we didn’t do gender reveal back then).   

In addition the cost of gas per gallon was 80 cents, postage stamps were 24 cents and a dozen eggs was 65 cents. 

Share a fond memory (or two) of your time at PHL 

Years ago we had the best Christmas parties. One particular party that comes to mind is when the employees were asked to “Showcase Your Talent”.  Former employee Kim Bull came up with the idea to portray the singing group En Vogue. Our group consisted of Kim, former employee Jeanette Harvin, [Fiscal Analyst III] Angella Moore and myself. 

We were serious about this performance so much that we made sure we rehearsed faithfully at Kim’s house and in the ladies room. We purchased eye catching dresses as well. We were such a big hit that we were asked to perform at the Christmas party the following year as well as at District Council #33 Christmas party that was held at a reception hall. We were asked again for the third year, however one of the girls left and we broke up the group. We were treated like celebrities and we loved every bit of it. You couldn’t tell us nothing (LOL). 

Do you have any advice for the next generation pursuing a career at PHL?

Don’t settle for a job you’re not passionate about.  When you’re passionate about your job, you are excited about it and it feels less like work. 

Take risks early and often in your career.  By taking risks, you are putting yourself in a position to learn, whether you succeed or fail. 

Locate and choose a mentor who is in the position you desire. They can encourage and give helpful insights of what you need to do in order to get to their level or beyond.


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