PHL Introduces COVID-19 Air Service Recovery Program

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) has launched its COVID-19 Air Service Recovery and Incentive Program (CASRIP), an innovative offering aimed at driving fast recovery wins while creating economic stability for the Philadelphia region. 

The program consists of two core components: waiving select airline operating expenses and incentivizing strategic air service routes. The program is available to both domestic and international airline partners, as well as cargo airlines.

PHL believes that this rapid injection of relief and growth will jumpstart the entire airport ecosystem. From concessions to ground transportation to tourism and commerce, the halo effect of increased air travel will create immediate wins for all airport stakeholders. 

The program has a finite start and end date (July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2022) to ensure that progress and success are measured carefully against dynamics like travel restrictions and federal funding changes. 

The program’s innovation is tied to its early introduction to the airline market, combined with aligning priorities to incumbent and new entrant airline partners. International flights account for a $2 billion impact on the Philadelphia region, generating more than 10,000 jobs. 

PHL is an enterprise fund of the City of Philadelphia, meaning that it is self-sustaining and uses no local tax dollars. The CASRIP will restore jobs by driving revenue back into the airport, creating demand and ensuring financial stability. 

PHL continues to lead its recovery process on a number of fronts, including safety, cleanliness, guest experience, stakeholder engagement and operational efficiency.

PHL CEO Chellie Cameron shared her thoughts on the incentive program in an interview with Routes Online. The interview and additional details on the CASRIP program can be found here.

Note: Mobile users can click here to see the PDF below, which may not appear on mobile devices. 



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