Celebrating National Engineers Week: Meet Lucy and Ratheesh

From February 18-24, the Department of Aviation joined the U.S. in recognizing National Engineers Week. One of America's largest STEM events of the year, National Engineers Week celebrates the outstanding accomplishments of engineers, technicians, and technologists. According to the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), this year’s theme, “Welcome to the Future”, is about celebrating today’s achievements and paving the way for a brighter and more diverse future in engineering. The airports' Capital Development Group (CDG) boasts a talented team of engineers who are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation. This year, CDG is highlighting the vital role two engineers in particular play in envisioning and building a better tomorrow.

Ratheesh Gopi

Ratheesh Gopi

Ratheesh Gopi, one of the airports' electrical engineers, has a Bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering from India. He exemplifies innovation in his work, particularly through projects like the Cargo City Substation and Aircraft Fire Trainer Upgrade. These initiatives have propelled Philadelphia International Airport's (PHL) operations into the future, showcasing Gopi's commitment to integrating state-of-the-art technology for enhanced safety and efficiency. His strategic implementation of SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) technology for centralized monitoring highlights his forward-thinking approach, enabling real-time control and improved response capabilities across airport operations.

Beyond technological advancements, Gopi advocates for inclusivity within the engineering field, emphasizing the importance of diversity training and mentorship programs. His advice to aspiring engineers — continual learning and practical experience through internships — underscores the dynamic nature of engineering. Gopi's vision for the future, where artificial intelligence and green energy play pivotal roles, reflects his deep understanding of upcoming industry trends and his dedication to contributing to a sustainable and innovative engineering landscape.

Lucy LinLucy Lin

Lucy Lin, a Staff Engineer 1, earned a Bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Drexel University. She plays a crucial role in ensuring environmental compliance and safety standards are met. Her responsibilities include conducting field inspections, analyzing environmental reports, and managing hazardous materials and waste, all while coordinating with a diverse team of professionals. This collaboration is vital for maintaining the delicate balance between operational efficiency and environmental stewardship. Lin's work is particularly focused on adapting to evolving environmental safety standards, reflecting on how substances once deemed safe are now classified as hazardous. Her experiences highlight the importance of continuous learning in the field of engineering. 

Embracing innovative technologies, Lin is involved in projects that utilize bioremediation techniques, such as employing activated carbon to remove contaminants from the soil, showcasing the cutting-edge methods being applied to address environmental challenges. This innovation is part of a broader trend at the airports towards smarter, more sustainable practices, including the use of artificial intelligence and sustainable energies. Lin's workplace champions diversity and inclusion, creating an environment where diverse backgrounds contribute to achieving common goals. She encourages aspiring engineers to be curious, embrace change, and seek mentorship. Looking ahead, Lin hopes for increased collaboration within the industry to quickly adapt to new regulations, emphasizing safety and well-being as paramount.


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