Welcome PHL Interns- Never Stop Learning

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is pleased to welcome its new cohort of 17 interns. The students learned what they can look forward to while working at PHL and of the expectations the airport has of them at an internship onboarding program, led by Director of Workforce Development Chevelle Harrison and Training and Development’s Latia White, on July 17.   

The interns (both college and high school students) met with CEO Atif Saeed and CAO Delicsha Wilds, who spoke about how to get the best experience out of the time they spend at PHL. Both Saeed and Wilds echoed a theme that carried throughout the day- it’s never too late to change your mind and change direction in your career.  

Saeed spoke about his background as a business owner and the path that led him to aviation. He also talked about his decision to go to graduate school after being in the workplace for years. One important thing stood out- how he was able to bring his life experience to his studies.  

Wilds agreed. “When I went back to school as an adult learner to earn my graduate degree, I was able to use what I learned in the workplace in my studies. I was also able to learn new approaches to things in my professional life that I was able to transfer to my team.” She continued, “I cannot express how important it is that you never stop learning. If you are interested in a trade after you graduate, invest in learning that trade. A trade and a degree can work together to broaden your hiring and earning potential.”  

InternsOne of the goals of PHL’s internship program is simple: to provide real life, practical work experience that students can take with them when the return to school and when they are ready to transition into their careers.  

Students have been placed in areas ranging from Engineering and Marketing to Guest Experience, Accounting and Finance, to name a few. Harrison has developed a program that requires the departments which accept interns to create a plan for each student that ensures they are receiving the full exposure to a job that a paid intern position should expect.





Community Engagement 

       Widener University 


Nashiya Richardson 



      Northeast High School 


Janely Naula 

Marketing & Branding 

Neuman University 


Mina Cromartie 


Government Affairs 

        Morgan State University 

     University of Pennsylvania 

Ani Kimble 

Jason Fischer 


Guest Experience 


       University of Pittsburgh 

Elijah Carter 




     Delaware State University 

Derek Williams 


Capital Development Group 


        Drexel University 


Dai Ton 

Tamika Tukes 

Louella Girroir 

Kankoue Folly 

Franco Cima 

Collin Wilkinson 

Nicholas Moore 



Community College of Philadelphia 

Mariah Presley 




Rowan University 




Megan Steckler 




Capitol Development (GIS) Temple University  Aidan Marshall 



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