What’s New at PHL Food & Shops?
1920 Merch Co
1920 Merch Co. sells one-of-a-kind items celebrating the 19th Amendment.

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) guests have exciting new PHL Food & Shops concessions to visit on their upcoming travels through the airport.  Over the summer, eight new restaurants and retailers opened across the airport’s terminals, including:

  • 1920 Merch Co., with one-of-a-kind merchandise celebrating the 19th Amendment, located in the B/C Connector 
  • Lily Palmer Flowers and Gifts, PHL’s first brick and mortar flower shop, located in the B/C Connector
  • Win Kitchen, Southeast Asian street food led by award winning chef Chris Nguyen, located in Terminal F
  • Bud and Marilyn’s, an award-winning local comfort food restaurant, located at the top of Terminal C
  • Onsite News, offering snacks, beverages, reading materials, accessories and more, located in Terminal C
  • Desigual, offering creative, colorful and sustainable clothing options for women, located in Terminal A-West
  • Beauty on the Fly, with a unique collection of skin care and hair care brands that tie in both botanical ingredients and holistic wellness, located in the D/E Connector
  • Chick-fil-A, a passenger favorite, located in Terminal E

"We’re thrilled to offer our passengers even more iconic brands, local favorites and new concepts," said Megan O’Connell, PHL Director of Marketing and Branding. "The PHL Food & Shops program has 146 total locations operating right now and by the end of the year, there will be three additional merchants for our guests to enjoy: Qdoba in Terminal F and Sbarro and Evolve in Terminal A-West."  

Looking ahead, PHL Food & Shops has eight-to-nine new openings scheduled for 2023, including Roam Fitness, a full-service gym located in Terminal F that offers gym equipment and machines, name brand workout gear, training sessions and showers.

Bud & Marilyn's food
Bud and Marilyn's recently re-opened with an expanded menu.

"Our recent and upcoming openings are in step with what our passengers are looking for when they come to PHL," said O’Connell. "We’ve instituted a robust consumer insights program and are using the feedback we’ve received from passengers as the focus of our leasing program, as well as a guide for what airport amenities our guests find most helpful."

PHL’s new concessions are opening at a pace similar to that of 2017, 2018 and 2019. All spaces that went out of lease term during the pandemic have been re-leased or are currently in the leasing process. And, not only is PHL attracting local, national and international businesses to the airport, six of the new or upcoming concessions are minority-owned.

Lily Palmer
Lily Palmer is PHL's first brick and mortar flower shop.

"Through our concessions program, we are not only giving passengers the restaurants and shops they want, but we are also providing opportunities for socially and economically disadvantaged small businesses owners to operate in the airport," said Mel Hannah, MarketPlace PHL Vice President and General Manager. "We are looking forward to increasing those opportunities as the concessions program continues to grow."


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