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It’s the peak of the summer travel season. For those still looking forward to vacation, here is some information for making the transfer process at PHL smooth and stress-free. 

Domestic Travel 

Shuttle BusThanks to the easy-to-navigate layout, transferring between domestic flights at PHL is considerably straightforward. All terminals are connected past the security checkpoints. After exiting a plane, passengers can head directly to their next flight without having to re-enter the TSA checkpoint. Travelers can walk all the way from terminal A to F or use a courtesy shuttle bus connecting Terminal F with Terminals A and C. Walking from Terminal A-West to Terminal F takes approximately 45 minutes. While shuttle buses run every 10 minutes and the ride is about 5-7 minutes. Shuttle bus stops can be located by following the "Shuttle Bus" signage placed throughout the terminals.

However, if connecting domestic flights were booked separately and passengers have checked bags, travelers will need to exit to baggage claim to collect their bags, check in with the next flight`s air carrier and be re-screened by TSA. 


International Travel 

International Transfer

PHL passengers going on to an international destination after arriving on a domestic flight can follow the same steps as domestic transfers. However, guests arriving on international flights, must be screened by Customs and Border Protection, pick up any checked bags, and then re-check baggage and re-enter TSA security before heading to their next flight. “The process of going through Customs might take time depending on the number of flights arriving together,” PHL Passenger Assistance team member Lin To. “Passengers need to allow themselves a sufficient amount of time for this type of layover. "After Customs and baggage re-check, a bridge connects passengers from International Arrivals Hall to the Terminal A-East TSA checkpoint. 

 Animal Relief AreaFor those travelling with their pets, Service Animal Relief Areas are provided inside security throughout the airport. Extra services like wheelchair or minor assistance can be arranged with the airline ahead of the travel date. 



Outside security areas like ticketing and baggage claims are only connected at Terminals B-C and D-E. Passengers can walk to another terminal on the sidewalk or take an Economy Lot shuttle bus to the next terminal. 


For more information on getting around PHL, check out the online maps:



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