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Every new year gives people a chance to improve their lives and set resolutions to improve themselves. City of Philadelphia Division of Aviation employees are continuing their commitment to being healthy through the PHL Well program, which was launched in August 2021.   

“The PHL WELL initiative encourages and supports our employees with simple and enjoyable fitness and nutritional options that can be easily incorporated into their daily routines,” said Division of Aviation Training and Development Manager Linda Ivey. “PHL WELL is especially timely as we experience transitioning back from sedimentary virtual work at home to physically working in the office.”  

As part of PHL Well, Division of Aviation staff are embarking on a 90-day weight loss competition that ends in March. This competition is one of many initiatives by the airport’s Human Resources Training team. Last year employees participated in a 30-day WELLness Walking Challenge, with six teams completing an impressive 4,861,835 steps, and the four-week PHL WELL Hydration Challenge, with the winner consuming 1,121.60 ounces of water.  

In addition to inspiring employees to be healthy, the airport also hopes guests will incorporate the PHL Well challenges and other healthy initiatives into their travels. For example, travelers can join the WELLness Walking Challenge by tracking their steps throughout the airport with devices like the FitBit. The distance between Terminal A-West and Terminal F is approximately 1.3 miles and can be completed within 30 minutes or less depending on one’s pace. Guests can get in even more steps by skipping the moving walkways.  

Guests and employees can also pick up free yoga mats in the B/C Connector on Wellness Wednesdays. “We had purchased yoga mats to give to passengers who were in the airport overnight due to inclement weather or flight cancellation or delay,” said Leah Douglas, PHL Director of Guest Experience.  “However, airlines now reschedule flights prior to weather incidents which decreases the number of passengers who experience an overnight stay at PHL.”  
With a supply of 1,500 yoga mats, the Guest Experience team decided to use them as giveaways. “Passengers love the mats and we have met our goal to surprise and delight them.”  

For those who have made a resolution to eat healthier, the airport has plenty of choices. “With over 130 locations open in the airport, there is no shortage of great dining options when you’re trying to keep up with your health and wellness goals,” said MarketPlace PHL Marketing and Customer Service Manager Megan O’Connell. “From grab-and-go fruit cups or protein packs at Hudson News to a delicious and filling cobb salad at Mezzogiorno, we’ve got something for everyone.”  Links to concessions’ locations and their menus can be found here.


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