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 Northeast Philadelphia Airport (PNE) is Pennsylvania's fourth busiest airport. As a General Aviation Reliever Airport, PNE has no commercial flights. Instead, they primarily accommodate corporate and privately-owned aircraft with approximately 160-based aircrafts, dominated by single-engine aircrafts, plus twins, jets, turboprops, and helicopters. Operations include business, personal, instructional, and commercial flying.  

Currently, PNE is experiencing its highest levels of flight activity since 2007.  PNE ended 2022 with 95,991 total plane movements (takeoffs and landings). This year, the airport is on pace to exceed 100,000 plane movements. The activity for January and February 2023 has already reached 15,924 total planePNE Activity movements.  

“I am hoping that number will be close to 110,000 total operations,” said PNE Airport Operations Manager John Brewer.  “That would be PNE’s busiest year since 2004, when activity reached 108,692.  Prior to 2004 the numbers were extremely high, such as over 170,000 and sometimes over 200,000.”   

 A lot of the activity growth is due to PNE’s four flight schools - Legacy Aviation, Tailwinds Flight Education, ATP, and GQ Aviation. Since COVID, the aviation industry is facing a pilot shortage; these schools are playing a vital role in preparing future pilots.  

General aviation airports like PNE provide tremendous value to the aviation community. “Our flight schools are really important to our industry since they are the incubators for the next generation of aviators.  In addition to pilot training, the Aeronautical Institute of Maintenance, or AIM, is actively training the next generation of aircraft mechanics to keep all of us flying,” said Chief Operating Officer Keith Brune. 


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