Maintenance Coordinator Calvin Truitt was a recipient of a 2018 PHL Innovation Award (Calvin is pictured above at the award ceremony). As an exceptional employee, he was a guest on PHL CEO Chellie Cameron's "Taking Off" podcast. Listen to that episode here.

What is your current position, responsibilities and duties at PHL? 

I am currently working as a maintenance coordinator in Job Control, where we delegate jobs when issues arise to find the most efficient resolutions. We believe that we are the nucleus of PHL. We are a small, but very much utilized department that is comprised of airport communication operators and maintenance coordinators. 

Most people at PHL will not be able to tell you what we do in Job Control but everyone will tell you if there is an issue, to report it to Job Control and it will be resolved.  We cater to passengers, shareholders, contractors, the Division of Aviation and outside contractors, as well as Philadelphia Police and Fire. Our job includes, but is not limited to, responding to calls to fix different things across the airport. On many calls, a maintenance coordinator goes out before the mechanic, makes an assessment and informs the appropriate department of the situation and a possible resolution to help the mechanic arrive better prepared.  

Why did you decide to work at PHL and what’s the most meaningful part of your job?

There's definitely an opportunity to learn, and in my department there’s always something new.  

What do you enjoy most about the airport?

I have learned that upper management is very much aware what is going on at all levels here at PHL. I think that they strategically allow individuals to be all they can be to let people be themselves and enjoy what they do for a living.  

What are some of the key principals/personal mantra by which you live by and what inspires you?

God first. This alone gives me an upper hand mentally. If I incorporate my belief in God in my everyday desires, my goals are reachable, even when it doesn't seem likely. I also believe in the basic concept of "spark and momentum": once I start something, I work diligently to stay focused.  

Do you have any ‘favorites’ (eateries, retail shops, amenities, etc.) that you would recommend to family and friends traveling through PHL?

I travel a lot and can honestly say the restaurants at PHL are second to none. Coupled with so much to see, vacations clearly start before you get on the plane. 

Are you on any committees at the airport? 

I recently was asked to be part of the Racial Equity Advisory Council team. While being a maintenance coordinator requires a lot of commitment to show real results, I want to use that same tenacity as a racial equality committee member. 

What are the goals of the committee and what do you appreciate about the committee? 

I have always celebrated small wins. I know that being on a committee like this, it is taking on large obstacles. But if we promote people to be humane and considerate of others, it will lessen tensions between different races and open doors to have people wanting to learn more about the next person, instead of shying away or putting up unnecessary guards. Alleviating tensions would be a win. After that we can see what comes next. 

What’s your most memorable moment at PHL? (Working with a passenger or stakeholder)

One day a trucker did not see the height requirement sign and wedged his 18 wheeler under the terminal bridge. Job Control coordinated with Fire and Police for traffic control while Pavement and Grounds could unload. We also coordinated with Building Maintenance for ladders and ramp equipment requested from PHL COO Keith Brune. While everything was happening, a mother with her son approached me and said her son was curious about my profession. The son had been watching me and said he wanted to be just like me. It was a really special moment for me-- to not be a celebrity or famous and hear someone --anyone-- aspires to be like me. 

What professional and personal goals are you trying to accomplish during COVID-19?

I want to continue to find ways to help departments run efficiently, whether it is via procedure or developing more helpful gadgets like the roto stick, vacuum pole or grate plug.  Almost all departments seem to be understaffed and that is stressful. We still have a lot of airport to take care of so it can continue to take care of us. We must do what we can to make this a comfortable place to work so it can continue to thrive. 


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