PHL Unsung Heroes: Division of Aviation Airport Communications Center Operator II David Jeanclos

Meet David Jeanclos, the Division of Aviation’s Airport Communications Center Operator II. He recently received the "Unsung Heroes” award in Philadelphia International Airport’s (PHL) Employee Recognition Program. This award honors employees who work behind the scenes and typically go unrecognized for their work. Although they do not work directly with guests, their effectiveness significantly impacts the airport and the guest experience.

Jeanclos has been working at the airport since 1998. He is a credentialed TSA ID-Badging Trusted Agent and issues employee ID badges to staff from various companies throughout the airport who meet federal regulations and requirements. From administrative assistants to CEOs, Jeanclos has badged them all. He joined the airport due to his love for fast-paced travel environments and meeting people from diverse backgrounds. He is also fluent in English, French, German and Spanish.

In her recommendation of Jeanclos, Airport Information Services Supervisor Sharron Roantree stated, “David has been an integral part of the ID Badging team for over 20 years. He is dedicated to getting the job done and often receives commendations from PHL stakeholders, such as airline managers and various federal agencies. The ID Badging Office remained open throughout the pandemic, and as a vital part of the team, David was flexible with switching his shifts and days off to accommodate the stakeholders’ needs during a very challenging time. In the ID Badging Office, employees walk a fine line between balancing good customer service with enforcing federal regulations governing SIDA badge issuance. David somehow manages to do both very well!” 

Jeanclos is known for his teamwork with colleagues and effectiveness on the job. “We coordinate well with one another and want to be on the same page,” he said. “We process people in a timely, efficient manner. I like that my coworkers have initiative and know how to work both independently and as a team." 

 His motto is to take one day at a time and he enjoys helping people when he can. 

In the badging office, Jeanclos diligently reviews all required documents to ensure only those who meet federal regulations receive employee badges. “Our job is more than printing a badge. There’s a lot of paperwork involved and checking IDs," he said. 

 Jeanclos is a humble employee who is dedicated to his job. "I appreciate Sharron for this nomination," he said. "She has helped me in difficult times. My position wouldn’t be as good without her input and help throughout the years. She’s been very supportive."  

The PHL Employee Recognition Program was established by the airport’s Guest Experience (GX) Department. Honorees are nominated by their peers and selected by the GX Council Steering Committee’s Employee Conduct and Recognition Committee. For more information about the program and to nominate an employee, click here


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