What is your current position at PNE and how long have you worked here?   

I’ve been an Equipment Operator II working at PNE for about six years now.  As an Equipment Operator II, I provide complete and total grounds maintenance from cutting grass in the summer to shoveling snow in the winter.  There are many other associated tasks such as bush clearing, removing trees, picking trash, filling holes, operating various pieces of heavy equipment including snow throws and a loader.  

Why did you decide to work at PNE and what’s the most meaningful part of your job? 

I came to the Division of Aviation from the library. There were no promotional opportunities in my last department, however, there are many promotional opportunities with the airport. I soon hope to fill the vacancy at PNE of Heavy Equipment Operator I. The airport is also very challenging and the work location in the city and work schedule were very enticing. The most meaningful aspect of my work is that I get to see immediate results giving me a sense of self-gratification. 

What do you enjoy most about the airport? 

What I enjoy most about the airport is the family environment and feeling of camaraderie. I am reminded of my days when I served in the Army, when there is a job to complete we all band together and get the work done. 

What are some of the key principals/personal mantra by which you live by and what inspires you? 

Some of the key principals and personal mantra by which I live by are that I try to be a better man today than I was yesterday. I try and earn my way as I go not expecting to be given anything from anyone but making the most out of life and work by my own being. My family inspires me on a daily basis, I live and work for my family and our gatherings. 

What’s your most memorable moment at PNE? (Working with a passenger or stakeholder)  

Some of my most memorable moments in the relatively short time that I’ve been at the airport is directing people to PHL since they mistakenly came to PNE for a flight, this happens often. I am also fascinated while on the airfield watching these jets takeoff and land.  I have an understanding of the physics of flight but am still amazed how these large heavy jets can remain in the air. I hope to get promoted to Heavy Equipment Operator I, with the recent retirement of our Heavy Equipment Operator, I have been filling in that role. 

What challenges has your department faced since the COVID-19 pandemic and how have you and your co-workers overcome those challenges? 

The challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic are maintaining the airport with limited staff and no overtime. I said before I enjoy the feeling of camaraderie and there is no better example than how we have all come together and are continuing to maintain the airport keeping it operational. I feel this year has been a constant test and we are passing on a daily basis.   


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