PHL Teamwork Makes the Teamwork: American Airlines Customer Service Supervisor Marcia McLeod-Fraser

American Airlines Customer Service Supervisor Marcia McLeod-Fraser was recognized in the “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work” category of Philadelphia International Airport’s (PHL) Employee Recognition Program. This distinction acknowledges employees who create a positive experience for guests through service and delivery while collaborating with other organizations. 

MarciaMcLeod-Fraser has been with American Airlines for 22 years and works the night shift from 1:30 – 10:00 pm. As a Customer Service Supervisor, McLeod-Fraser is responsible for ensuring international flights depart on time. She routinely checks in with flight attendants and assists passengers by solving any issues they may be experiencing. Her duties also include checking the temperature and cleanliness of the aircraft before passengers board.  

McLeod-Fraser is also a ground security coordinator, collaborating with other airlines to maintain the airport's safety. She’s also certified in CPR/AED and a part of the CARE team which provides moral support for passengers and their families in emergency situations.  

Prior to beginning her shift, McLeod-Fraser enjoys drinking her favorite cup of tea as she reviews the incoming and outgoing international flights for the day.   

“I like people,” she said.  “I get along with everyone. I like solving their problems. We care about our passengers and want them to get to their destination.”  

She added, “I recently assisted a passenger who missed his flight. I rebooked him with a different flight the same day instead of him having to wait the next day. It feels good rebooking passengers and reuniting them with their families. I’m happy knowing that I helped someone.”  

In his nomination of McLeod-Fraser, American Airlines Manager-on-Duty Kevin Carter stated, “Marcia is truly one of a kind. She doesn’t follow the crowd.”  

Carter added, “There is never a time that Marcia is not on the floor at her gates working. She tirelessly assists her peers and everyone around her to ensure that they have the support that they need. Marcia will go above and beyond to ensure that passengers make it to their destinations. She will rebook people and stay longer than expected to support the operation. Its Marcia’s dedication to her role and her selflessness that makes her a unique employee that stands out far beyond the rest.”  

McLeod-Fraser emigrated from Trinidad to the U.S. when she was 18-years old. Although she initially expressed an interest in working in travel agencies, she eventually joined the airline industry. She enjoys leading a healthy lifestyle by eating the right foods and bringing in fruits for the managers and staff at American. A gardening-enthusiast, McLeod-Fraser often brings in grapes from her grapevine to share with her colleague.   

“I believe in eating healthy,” said McLeod-Fraser. “Usually, people bring in cookies or cake but I bring in fruits so we can all have a healthy diet.”   

McLeod-Fraser lives 10 minutes from the airport and rarely calls out of work.  

“I love the airport,” said McLeod-Fraser. “I love traveling internationally. China was one of my favorite places.”   

She also enjoys group trips with her diverse coworkers who have given her tours in their countries of origin.   

Through her work, McLeod-Fraser has built a strong understanding of people and their different demeanors, allowing her to better serve customers. She always puts herself in the place of the passenger and always treats them with respect.    

“They could be my mother or brother,” said McLeod-Fraser. “I always think, how would I want my family to be treated. I put myself or my family in their place because I want to make everyone happy. I hope for those that I made happy, that they are pleased.”  

At PHL, McLeod-Fraser continues to excel in an industry where her customer service skills have come naturally.   

“I love working for American Airlines,” said McLeod-Fraser. “Our company looks out for us. I appreciate our managers and I enjoy working with my coworkers. I love people because I come from a culture that’s mixed. Trinidad is so diverse and that’s what prepared me for this job.”   

The PHL Employee Recognition Program was established by the airport’s Guest Experience (GX) Department. Honorees are nominated by their peers and selected by the GX Council Steering Committee’s Employee Conduct and Recognition Committee. For more information about the program and to nominate an employee, click here


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