“Airport Pam” is Someone Everyone Should Know

“I got the COVID-19 vaccine to protect myself and those around me,” said Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) Administrative Assistant Pamela Johnson. “I've also encouraged my coworkers to get vaccinated because I care about the health and safety of them and their loved ones.”   

Pam has been serving as the right hand to PHL Chief Operating Officer Keith Brune for the past four years. She is a social butterfly that can be spotted having conversations with everyone and enjoys assisting people. “Having worked in many different facets here at PHL has afforded me the opportunity to meet and interact with all the intriguing parts of our airport,” said Pam. “I have established many professional and personal friendships with a vast number of people, which has now turned into me being a resource, hence the nickname 'Airport Pam'."  

When she accepted a position at PHL in January 2005, Pam felt the airport would be best for her career growth over time. For the past 16 years, she has worked in several departments including the Administrative Services Unit, Facility Services and Operations before becoming Brune's assistant.   

On any given day, Pam works on schedules, budget preparations, fiscal and statistical reports, while also providing clerical support for both Airside and Landside Operations and Security. She starts her day with a good cup of coffee and reviews any upcoming meetings or events for the week. Pam believes that a combination of organization, teamwork, patience and conflict resolution create the best co-working environment. “We collaborate by having respect for one another's opinions, time, and levels of expertise, therefore accomplishing all upcoming or past set goals,” she said.   

In addition to her office duties, Pam (who is CPR and Mental Health First Aid certified)  volunteers her time for several airport employee initiatives because she has a strong passion for making a difference in peoples' lives. "I am the chairperson for the PHL Blood Drive Committee," she said. "Each member of our team provides creativity, strategy, recruits donors and volunteers their time, which is greatly appreciated. Our goal has been to collect 100 pints of blood for each drive, which will save 1,200 lives per year.”  

Some of Pam's most memorable moments at PHL are of her helping passengers with directions or assisting passengers with a language barrier. “I think the PHL 5K run, our EPEX [Emergency Preparedness Exercise] drill and working with Anthony Stanley of American Airlines are my all-time funniest memories of working with a stakeholder."     

PHL's Operations Unit includes Security, Facility Services, Custodial, Building Maintenance, Pavement & Grounds, HVAC, Electrical, Electronics, Job Control, Engineering, Planning/Development, and IT. "I applaud my colleagues for being onsite, every day since the pandemic started. Overcoming fears of possible COVID-19 exposure while performing daily job functions to keep PHL up and running has been most challenging,” said Pam. “I believe having the proper equipment, changing schedules and supporting each other has helped us all overcome any challenges.”

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Airport Pam's goals have been to maintain strong relationships with stakeholders and help others in any way she can. “I want my co-workers to know I have their best interest at heart," she said. "I'm here for them, whether it be to provide assistance in their job duties or be a listening ear."   


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