Roland is pictured in a photo taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and mask ordinance.

What is your current position, responsibilities and duties at PHL and how long have you worked here?

I am a professional window washer in the custodial department and I’ve been at PHL since February 2006. 

Why did you decide to work at PHL and what’s the most meaningful part of your job? 

In 2005 there was an opening for professional window washers at PHL. I applied with the benefits and personal advancements in mind and that I could really make it here at the airport. The most meaningful part of my job is when I complete my assignment and get compliments from passengers and management because they see the hard and beautiful work that I do. 

What do you enjoy most about the airport? 

The work that I do and interacting with management, employees and vendors on a daily basis. I enjoy watching the airplanes land and takeoff. I also like watching the snow plows clear the airfield and the roads of snow. 

What are some of the key principals/personal mantra by which you live by and what inspires you?  

Family first! I am a God-fearing person that believes in Christianity. I believe in being early to my destinations. If you’re early, you’re on time and if you’re on time, you’re late. The truth always repeats itself and lies always change. My principal is to always make an honest dollar and I try to spread laughter and wisdom to everyone. Laughter is good for the soul. Love yourself and stay around positive people. 

Do you have any ‘favorites’ (eateries, retail shops, amenities, etc.) that you would recommend to family and friends traveling through PHL? 

There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee to start my workday and that’s usually the start of every morning at Dunkin’ Donuts. Chickie’s and Pete’s is usually where I go for my lunch break and I would recommend these stores to everyone. 

What’s your most memorable moment at PHL? (Working with a passenger or stakeholder) 

The day I got hired to work for the City of Philadelphia. I will also remember the joyful feeling PHL gave me for allowing me to host the Black Lives Matter ceremony that we had. 

What challenges has your department faced since the COVID-19 pandemic and how have you and your co-workers overcome those challenges? 

During these trying times with the COVID-19 pandemic we face a lot of challenges practicing social distancing and maintaining proper hand hygiene. However, we all manage to work together to keep PHL safe for passengers, employees and vendors. It is inspiring to know my work is appreciated and recognized, for that I express my gratitude.  


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