PHL Impression Makers: Piedmont – American Airlines Lobby Agent Tamika Lucas

Piedmont – American Airlines Lobby Agent Tamika Lucas recently received the “Impression Makers” award from Philadelphia International Airport’s (PHL) Employee Recognition Program. This award recognizes customer-facing employees who provide direct customer service to passengers.    

Tamika LucasAs a lobby agent, Lucas monitors the perimeter of the terminal shuttle bus lobby in Terminal F. She greets passengers as they switch between terminals utilizing the shuttle bus. Lucas has been at PHL for 21 years and works the 6:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. shift.  

“I love interacting with people,” said Lucas. “I like helping passengers because when you take your time to help them, they show you that they appreciate it. I’m in the customer service field because I enjoy what I do. Every job I’ve ever had has been in customer service. The best gratitude I feel is when a passenger hugs me and says, ‘thank you.’ That’s the greatest gift. I’ve already left an impact on passengers, and I can’t ask for anything greater than that.”   

While working, Lucas demonstrates customer-centrism, proactive communication, respect, integrity, prioritizing passenger needs, and transcends expectations.   

In her nomination of Lucas, passenger Holly Shaikh stated, “After arriving on an international flight with delays and lines that almost made us miss our flight, Tamika took a minute to calm us down. She let us know we were fine and called ahead to the gate to make sure they knew we were coming. After dealing with stress for several hours, she made the rest of our airport experience better.”  

Lucas enjoys that there is something new at the airport every day. Passengers who fly out of PHL often recognize her name and face.  

“My coworkers and I are on the same page with one another,” said Lucas. “We work as a team. I love my coworkers. They are friendly and energetic. We get along and they are good to be around.”   

Lucas treats people the way she would want to be treated. “God is always watching,” she said. “What you do today, you will be rewarded for, or you will have to pay for it. If you treat someone with kindness, it will come back to you,”   

Lucas is known for her leadership, independence, critical thinking, caregiving, and kind-heartedness.   

Her most memorable moment was the day she was hired, as she viewed the aviation industry as an exciting career path. Additionally, she likes that the airport is only ten minutes from her home. She hopes to visit Rome, Italy, and wants to be a contestant on The Price Is Right before the year ends.   

Lucas enjoys giving back to people and fills up two suitcases of clothes to distribute to communities in need in Jamaica every January.  

Throughout the two decades Lucas has been at PHL, she has enjoyed seeing American add new flight destinations.  

“I get along with management,” said Lucas. “They’re doing a great job. I love working with Piedmont. I love where I work and who I work for. American is one of the best places to work at for career advancement, as well as for the great perks and flying benefits. I thank our Station Manager Glenda Rivera and all other management that chose me for this recognition.”  

The PHL Employee Recognition Program was established by the airport’s Guest Experience (GX) Department. Honorees are nominated by their peers and selected by the GX Council Steering Committee’s Employee Conduct and Recognition Committee. For more information about the program and to nominate an employee, click here


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