PHL Ramp Tower Shines Blue

The PHL Ramp Tower will be glowing blue in support of healthcare workers. With this new feature, the Airport's Ramp Tower (located between Terminals A and B) joins other local buildings and landmarks in illuminating the region in blue in appreciation of the healthcare community.

"The lights can be seen from miles away, including on I-95," said PHL CEO Chellie Cameron. “This is a great way for us to recognize the healthcare workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis.” 

The new fixtures include a non-High Output Linear Color-Changing Linear Direct-View light that runs the length of the Tower’s 35-foot light well and a LED floodlight to boost the effect. Lights can be static or in motion, ranging from one color to multiple colors showcased concurrently.

Throughout the year, look for the Tower lights to reflect the colors of Philadelphia’s sports teams, as well as hues associated with holidays, special city and airport events and causes, including Valentine’s Day, LGBTQ Pride, July 4th and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

PHL’s Ramp Tower lights were designed and programmed by The Lighting Practice and installed by Armour Electric.


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