Naples: A Slice of History

Naples, Italy, is home to history and art in every direction. From June 5 through October 25, you can explore the city via a nonstop American Airlines flight from Philadelphia International Airport (PHL).  

Statue near water in NaplesNaples Underground offers tunnels and pathways full of culture, under streets and squares built by the Romans and Greeks. Guided tours through the “underworld” welcome you to stories within caves, tunnels, and underground passages. Well known areas of Naples Underground are Napoli Sotterranea, Galleria Borbonica, and La Neapolis Sotterrata.  

Giving Naples the title of the “Layered City,” the Catacombs of Naples offer ancient tombs, burial sites, and rituals of early Christians. Their website describes the experience as: 

“In Naples, under the ground is primarily where you bury your loved ones and encounter their souls. Just as the remains are exposed in the city, their souls are also inhabitants in all respects, because the relationship with the afterlife is part of everyday life. 

Dialogue with the dead has always accompanied the life of the city, through idioms, devotions and ancient rituals. 

Likewise, the saints are always present in the daily life of Neapolitans, whether in intercessions for important graces or for minor requests. Small sacred images are still faithfully kept in wallets, while the votive aediculae scattered among the alleys are like little altars.” 

Take a daytrip out of Naples to Mt. Vesuvius, the only active volcano on the mainland of Europe. Known most famously as the volcano that destroyed Pompeii, Mt. Vesuvius’ ruins make for a well-preserved look of what Roman life would have been like in A.D. 79. 

The Amalfi Coast offers breathtaking landscapes over its coastline, lined with churches, gardens, vineyards, and towns. Ferries, cars, and buses can assist in getting to the Coast.  

Baked dough

Formerly one of the residences used by the Bourbon Kings, the Royal Palace of Naples is currently a palace, museum, and historical tourist destination in central Naples. 

Naples offers a glimpse into the past through its history and architecture, but so too does its culinary scene, combining the stories of yesterday with today’s modern flair. Known as the “birthplace of pizza,” it’s no mystery why Naples is also highly regarded for its rich culinary heritage. 

Neopolitan pizzaYou can find various Italian staple dishes such as:

  • Pizza a portafglio, which is widely served throughout Naples, as well as Pizza Montanare and Fried Pizza.
  • Sfgofiatalle, a shell-shaped filled Italian pastry. 
  • Pastiera, typically eaten at Easter, made with ricotta cheese, other fillings, and orange flower water. 
  • Baba typical Neapolitan, a dough baked in rum-like syrup.  

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