KAT CLAAR - Painted Paper Shapes Gather Here
KAT CLAAR - Painted Paper Shapes Gather Here
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Philadelphia artist Kat Claar creates botanical compositions using fresh and dried plant materials accentuated with painted paper shapes. Claar’s approach combines floral design with fine art techniques to create three-dimensional sculptural forms. Her botanical arrangements and paper shapes placed within and around the flowers, offers a unique approach to floral design. Claar has said, “I create a new language using both natural and artificial materials to express my deep curiosity and observation. I seek a new world where unlike things merge yet maintain their unique attributes and create new possibilities simply by inhabiting the same space.”

For the six-month duration of this exhibition, Claar utilized silk flowers for their permanence and incorporated paper elements that she describes as “sculptural, organic forms that integrate seamlessly when viewed from all sides.” She said that “working with silks inspired me to focus on color exploration to create an experience of forms and colors.”

Claar’s botanical and paper infused assemblages inspire viewers to perceive floral arrangements as sculptural objects with her use of scale and mixed media. The permanence of silk flowers instills the forms with a longevity not achieved with fresh flowers. For me, this is sums up Claar’s intentions, “I would love for more people to consider and notice flowers in a new way through my work.”

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