PHL to Conduct Pilot Program for Biometric Exit Screening

On January 21, PHL implemented a 45-day pilot of biometric screening technologies at three international gates to help U.S. Customs and Border Protection process departing passengers. Biometric screening is designed to verify travelers' identities by cross-checking facial scans with photos already on file with the federal government. CBP also has been mandated by federal law to use biometric exit screenings for foreign nationals.

The pilot program includes a device like an iPad or tablet, mounted on boarding gate kiosks. As a passenger walks toward the biometric scanner, the facial recognition device will scan their face and compare it to a database. If the face matches, the machine will clear the passenger.

PHL's biometric exit technologies pilot will also include the first-ever test of digital instruction signs, which will display multimedia, bilingual content to create passenger awareness of the biometric cameras and provide instructions for their use. After the pilot program is complete, an analysis will be conducted to determine which technology performed best. Full implementation could take up to one year.


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