PHL Teamwork Makes the Dream Work - JetBlue General Manager Pamela Rivers

JetBlue General Manager Pamela “Pam” Rivers recently received the “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work” award from Philadelphia International Airport’s (PHL) Employee Recognition Program. This distinction acknowledges employees who create a positive guest experience through service and delivery while collaborating with other organizations.   

Rivers has been at PHL for seven years. As a general manager, she oversees all Philadelphia JetBlue operations and crew members and trains supervisors in the company network. She received a bachelor’s degree in education from Morgan State University, a master’s in special education from Grand Canyon University, and is currently pursuing another master’s degree in organizational leadership and management from Peirce University.  

“Being able to help people, whether the passengers or my team, is the most meaningful part of my job,” said Rivers. “I love to share knowledge. I love teaching and learning from others.” 

In their nomination of Rivers, JetBlue team members Jason Thomas, Ken Bowen, Edward Aiello, Carlos Soto, and Johannalis Layola stated, “Pam started off her career at JetBlue as an Airport Operation crewmember and quickly rose through the ranks to become a supervisor and general manager within only a few years. She quickly used her organizational skills to make PHL one of JetBlue's most efficient stations in the system. Her leadership during challenging times has been invaluable, keeping morale high and guiding us through uncertainty. Her strategic thinking and problem-solving skills have been instrumental in our success; she excels at recognizing and leveraging each team member's strengths. She makes every employee feel important. Her open communication style and willingness to listen to feedback is exceptional. She’s good at providing clear direction and setting achievable goals."

"She epitomizes selflessness and caring, highlighted by the turkey drive she organizes every Thanksgiving season. All crewmembers at PHL are encouraged to donate a turkey, honoring JetBlue's commitment to giving back to the community. Volunteers then deliver the food to people in need. This activity is near and dear to her heart. She is loyal, smart, and very dedicated to all her employees, who she treats as co-workers in a common cause. She is actively busy at the company and the airport, and she still makes time to chat or share a laugh with us. When she needs us, we support her 100% because of everything she has done to make our station a home away from home. Pam is the embodiment of leadership and community spirit. Her unwavering dedication to uplifting others and fostering a sense of belonging is remarkable. Whether she's spearheading initiatives to support those in need or inspiring her team to reach new heights, Pam's compassionate guidance leaves an indelible mark on everyone she encounters. Her commitment to making the world a better place is nothing short of incredible, and her contributions as a leader and community helper are invaluable beyond measure.” 

Rivers is the co-chair of the Philadelphia Airlines Managers Council (PAMC) and enjoys interacting with other airline managers. “I work with some fabulous airline managers,” she said. “Although our airlines may compete, we are never in competition with each other.  We lean on each other and are always willing to help. We aim to make PHL one of the best passenger experiences.”  

The quotes Rivers lives by are “failure is an event and not a person,” “start each day as a brand-new day,” and “forgiveness is not for the other person, it is for you and will free your soul and will release any anger that you may harbor.”  

Rivers is a parent advocate in Philadelphia’s Elwyn neighborhood, where she works with parents to ensure they understand Individualized Educational Plans (IEP) to empower them to advocate for their children. She also extends that passion while assisting guests with special needs. “I want to ensure that they have every opportunity, just like anyone else has,” she said. “I want to ensure they are always smiling and know they are valuable to this world.” 

Rivers appreciates Philadelphia’s culture and cuisine. She especially loves The Dell East and The Mann Music Center outdoor venues. One of her most memorable moments was when she was featured on 6ABC after a passenger wrote to the station expressing gratitude for River’s efforts in returning their lost wallet.  

Rivers and her team work hard to uphold all five JetBlue core values of safety, caring, integrity, passion, and fun. “I want to express my gratitude to my crew at PHL, who feel more like family to me,” said Rivers. “They are always willing to do whatever I ask of them. They give their best daily, and I'm grateful to have such an amazing team. I also want to thank JetBlue Airport Director Sean Billings for believing in me, even when I didn't believe in myself. He entrusted me to run PHL and has been a huge inspiration. Nishal Nawbatt, Gina Drew, and Juan Salmeron paved the way for me, and Brandi Payton, Tracy Fitzpatrick, and Leslie Brown have been some of the best regional managers I've had. I would not be where I am if it were not for all these amazing people.” 


The PHL Employee Recognition Program was established by the airport’s Guest Experience (GX) Department. Honorees are nominated by their peers and selected by the GX Council Steering Committee’s Employee Conduct and Recognition Committee. For more information about the program and to nominate an employee, click here. 


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