PHL Lost and Found: A Priceless Ring is Reunited with its Owner

Last month, while Marylou Luif was traveling from Chicago to Philadelphia for a wedding, she lost a valuable and sentimental piece of jewelry. She did not realize her diamond ring was missing until she was in her hotel room that night. Luif called the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) Lost and Found, but no one had turned in the ring yet. She thought for sure the jewelry was lost forever. The ring was not only expensive, but it was also an irreplaceable gift from a loved one.

That night at PHL, a passenger brought Yamlak Wolde, a PHL Public Information employee, to one of the restrooms to show her a ring left next to the sink.

“I waited to see if the passenger who lost it would come back for it before I took it to the Airport Lost and Found,” Wolde said. “I knew it was valuable for someone, and I really wanted someone to come back and get it.”

Wolde has worked at the airport for close to seven years and regularly helps travelers recover their lost items such as phones and wallets. She enjoys her job because she likes working with a team to help people, and she enjoys meeting new travelers from all over the world.

Lost ring Marylou
Marylou was quickly reunited with her ring, thanks to Yamlak. 

When Luif called Lost and Found the next day, she was stunned to learn an employee turned in a ring matching her description. She was excited to confirm the ring was hers, so she drove to the airport during the break between the wedding ceremony and the reception.

“I’m so grateful to Yamlak and the passenger who found my ring,” said Luif. “I appreciate getting it back.” She added that this trip was her first time traveling to Pennsylvania, and she was amazed at the kindness she witnessed.

If you find or lose a personal item in the terminals, restrooms, or concessions, you can contact PHL Lost and Found at 215-937-6888 or [email protected]. Lost and Found is located in the Communication Center and can be accessed on the Departures Roadway between Terminals C and D. It is open from 8:00 a.m. - Midnight.


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