PHL Safe & Sound: Allied Universal Security Shift Supervisor Anna Anil

Allied Universal Security Shift Supervisor Anna Anil recently received the “Safe & Sound” award in Philadelphia International Airport’s (PHL) Employee Recognition Program. This award recognizes employees who protect the integrity and safety of passengers through proactive communication, exemplary teamwork, courage, and effective action.       

Anna AnilAnil has been with Allied Universal at PHL since 2019. Her job duties and responsibilities are to secure access control to airport gate V01 by ensuring employees entering the secure area have the approved clearances and qualifications to enter the runway. Her number one priority is the safety and security of the airport.  

“Everyone who comes to the gate is respectful, especially the airport operations team,” said Anil. “We’re always working with them and airport security.”   

Throughout her workday, Anil focuses on respect, integrity, teamwork, transcending expectations, and proactive communication.  

In his nomination of Anil, Department of Aviation Airside Operations Superintendent Wallace DuBois stated, “Anna has been consistently proactive in her approach at the airport's main security gate leading onto the airfield. Airport Operations personnel who interact with her daily have highly recommended her as a great team member and an extension of the Department of Aviation's Airside Operations Department. She possesses many qualities that exemplify what it means to have a security mindset. Her communication of non-standard conditions, willingness to learn, and her positive outlook on life is something that others often look to emulate. There are a number of great employees currently working at Allied Universal Security and Anna is just a small part of that larger network of security professionals keeping the airport facility safe.”   

Airport Operations Officer Joseph Fleming also nominated Anil for her conscientiousness and diligence on-the-job.  

Anil immigrated to the United States from Pakistan in 2006 and recalls always wanting to work in a field that required a uniform. Although Anil has been through several personal trials and tribulations, including that passing of her parents, she continues to stay strong for her three children. “My biggest inspiration in life were my parents,” said Anil. “They worked respectable jobs. My mother never spoke bad about anyone. She taught me that the challenges in life will be easy if I remain smiling no matter what comes my way. My father taught me how to be mentally strong and supported me in every step of my life. He encouraged me to follow my dreams and was always by my side.”   

Anil is confident in the knowledge and skills she’s gained over the years. She believes the best work ethic is one that includes knowledge, education, and experience. “As long as you’re positive and your conscience is clear, the doors are going to be open for you,” she said. “I’ve experienced that in my life. As long as you know you’re right, God is on your side.”   

Anil enjoys working beside her colleagues. “We work as a team,” she said. “If I have knowledge on a topic, I share it and they do the same. We have a positive work environment. I like the support system we have. We are there for one another and help each other out.”  

Every day is memorable for Anil, as she remains committed to preventing any safety violations from happening. “I believe in following rules, principles, ethics and being disciplined,” she said.  

Anil holds several certifications in finance, marketing and security, including several from the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS). 

In the spirit of Women’s History Month, Anil said, “I believe all women should get an education and focus on themselves first. Even if their husband drives a Mercedes, they shouldn’t give up their Toyota, because they never know when they will need it. Women need to have their own independence, I’m an independent woman. I’m the most educated person in my family and I ignored the people who said the security field was ‘only for men.’ I’m still standing with my head held high.”  

Anil is humble and would like to thank all the people who have positively impacted her life and career in security.  

“I want to thank Wallace DuBois and Joe Fleming for nominating me,” said Anil. "I also want to thank Brian Perez, Denier Reddick-Owens, Gesi McAllister, and Al Santosusso of Allied Universal Security for being good mentors and guiding me.”  

The PHL Employee Recognition Program was established by the airport’s Guest Experience (GX) Department. Honorees are nominated by their peers and selected by the GX Council Steering Committee’s Employee Conduct and Recognition Committee. For more information about the program and to nominate an employee, click here


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